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Pink Honey Moan
Indie Pop Singer Songwriter &
International Recording Artist
As Pink Honey Moan, singer/songwriter, recording, and performing artist, Jared Lindbloom, has embarked on a journey beginning on the majestic rolling prairies of his home state of South Dakota to the eastern seaboard of NYC. The balance of his music teeters between dusty, folky, homespun songs on his early EP's and his electro-surf-rock & pop albums with the bands Fishdoctor and Stargazy. Singer-songwriters remain at the heart of his influences (Bill Withers, Brandi Carlile, and Paul Simon to name a few). He has received international radio play with 1M+ streams amassed; including sync placements in film and television.  

His first single, “Closer To You”, is an impressive ballad that showcases his emotive lyricism and vulnerability. The song was created during a low point after having been laid off from work while living in his in-law’s attic with his wife and young daughter. “Closer To You” started off as just an outlet and journal entry to his loved ones, but slowly shaped into a masterpiece. It gives the listener a retrospective look at Jared’s journey and him rediscovering his first love, music. The lyrics can be interpreted based on the listener’s circumstance and allows Pink Honey Moan to build a solidified connection with his audience. (BuzzMusic Review)
Hey, this is Jared. I’m sending out a warm and heartfelt Thank You for being here on this ride with me. Knowing that my music might connect with you, makes this all worth it.   
With Gratitude.
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